Giant Yoshi is a character in The Air Ride Series.
Giant Yoshi

Giant Yoshi in delfino plaza.

About Edit

Giant Yoshi says he is super hard, but he is actually super easy. He is so slow, and he has a birth defect that doesn't allow him to flutter jump.

Rivals Edit

Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong

Trivia Edit

He is the almost exact opposite of GKAR's Giant Pikachu.(The only similarity is in their sizes.)

He was picked over every other smash bros fighter to be the giant fighter due to that in SSBB, whenever you fought a giant battle on stage 2 in classic mode, it would always be Giant Yoshi, and he was super easy, even on intense. You also got 2 allies that made the battle a bit easier.

Due to being huge, in Stop Motion, his Speech Icon is more than his head. He shares this trait with Ridley.

In Air Ride Series Kart, Giant Yoshi has the Biggest Stat boost in the Comic, with +80 weight.

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