487Giratina XY anime
Giratina is a character in TARS.

A while back, even before the first comic, a teaser was posted for Giratina, showing Yellow and Red Kirby, with Giratina nearby.

Giratina was confirmed on June 10, 2015, with one of his personality traits revealed. He got a personality on June 11, 2015, one year after TARS was created.


Giratina is the evil ruler of the Distortion World. He also likes to eat people.


Giratina is a stage element in the Escalation Battle stage. He fights like a boss, but is undefeatable and not classified as one. You can level up in that stage every time you do enough damage, but Giratina will become more violent as the characters get higher levels.

Boss AttacksEdit

Origin FormeEdit

Will dissapeer and reappear somewhere. 12%

Will fly up and appear in the bottm left, and shoot shadow balls at foes. 20%, starts using at level 50.


Trivia Edit

  • The joke about Giratina being a cannibal comes from the movie Giratina and the Sky Warrior. In that movie, around the part where Ash and Dawn were in the distortion world, when Shaymin saw Giratina, it said "He's going to eat me!" 
  • The movie later claimed Giratina had no intrest in eating shaymin.

Giratina was the last character revealed before the one year anneversity of TARS.

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