The Glide Patch X (グライドパッチX) is an enemy in Stupidstar Saga, appearing as a powered up version of the Glide Patch. It is possibly the strongest enemy in the game, (excluding Raikou) being level 35, which is the same level as the boss of one of the areas it appears in.


Faster Versions of the Glide Patches Attacks.

The Glide Patch charges up a ball of electricity and fires it at a Kirby. Must be hammered back.

The Glide Patch goes up to a Kirby and puts up a small electric fence around them, and makes it close in. If not jumped over, it will paralyze the kirby for a turn.


According to Poyo Ride, if you pick up a Glide Patch X, it adds 3 Glide to your stats.

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