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Green Kirby is the main character of Green Kirby Air Ride


Green Kirby is stupid. If its Lighting the Warp Star on fire or destroying the UFO because he wanted the lighthouse to turn on, Green is always being a moron. However being stupid he saves him and his friends. In some comics he actually doesn't save the day, like when he is happy about the lighthouse. He also can be somewhat of a dick, once destroying Red Kirbys car (fourmula star) with a bus (bulk star).

Green Kirby is also White Kirby's cousin. The two get along most of the time.

His favorite star is the Swerve Star, due to its matching colors and super high speeds.


Green Kirby is a third party fighter in SMSB


Check out Green Kirbys page on Green Kirby Air Ride Wiki, as his moveset is the same as in Green Kirby Smash.



Trivia Edit

Green Kirby was one of the canadates for the main character for his series along with Purple kirby. Poyo ride wanted purple while Greenkirby121098 thought about Green a bit. Green Kirby won the competition.

  • Not long after, when Green Kirbys personality was revealed to Ride. Ride didn't like it and said that could be one of the other 7 kirbys. He changed his mind when he learned more about the series, and after reading the comics, he loved the idea of Green Kirby.
  • Coincendentaly, GKAR was created because Red Kirby stole GK121098's piece, like in the air ride series. But, according to poyo ride, GK121098 was playing as Purple Kirby during the incident. This is irionic because when when poyo ride was playing air ride, he picked white over brown because he was playing as white Kirby (and he was in smash since melee.)

Poyo Ride used to have some trouble drawing Green Kirby.

  • When Poyo Ride draws Green, his color palette is different.
    GK Drawing by Poyo

    Left: Poyo Ride's attempt at drawing Green. Right: Green's artwork by GK121098.

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