Heat Top

Heat Top Artwork by Poyo Ride.

Heat Top is two volcanoes located in the city, which appears in The Air Ride Series.

Structure Edit

The Inside is basically a cold place that olny Administrators and air riders are allowed to visit. There is a boost pad that lets you go to the Garden of the Sky and a rail takes you to a hidden area in the City Underground. The outside features two volcanoes. The left volcano allows you to climb it using a little spiral. The rail station to Green Canvas and the Castle Hall is located there. You can take another rail to the inside of the volcano. There is also a bridge that leads you to the top of the other volcano. There is a trampoline disguised as lava that allows you to jump to the Garden of the Sky. At the bottom of the right volcano there are 3 breakable rocks. 2 give you random stats and one takes you to the inside. Between the two volcanoes are The Lava Dragons. The Pillar may also spawn behind the volcanoes.


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