Annotation ride 3
Kirby Annotation Ride is a series by Poyo Ride that premiered on November 8, 2016. It shows Kirby Air Ride Gameplay, but with annotations of the characters speaking.

Episodes Edit

​Season 0Edit

Episodes in this season aired before the Pilot to Kirby Annotation Ride, but used the similar formula of annotations and Air Ride gameplay.

Episode Name Release Date Stadium Link
Negative Patch Challenge 1 11-8-16 Target Flight

​Season 1Edit

Episode Name Release Date Stadium Link
Kirby Annotation Ride 11-8-16 Destruction Derby 4
The Star Destroying Fest 11-9-16 VS King Dedede
Boost to the Max 11-15 Destruction Derby 2

Trivia Edit

These do not work on mobile as they don't allow annotations.

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