Leila is a character in The Air Ride Series. Visitors of the island can play supermarket with her, which is


basically selling things. For example, if you sell her a Coelacanth, she will give you two bells. TWO FUCKING BELLS. She is obsessed with getting everything, and pesters you to give her the rare item, and she will raise the amount of bells she will give you by like 3 bells.

Trivia Edit

If you sell her a sea bass, she will give you her student loans, and you have to pay them.

She got hospitalized once. Blue Kirby caught a Whale Shark and offered it to leila for 3 bells, and when he was paid, he threw the whale shark at her and it bit off her frontal lobe. Now we know who did the bite of 87.

She's butt buddies with Pink Kirby.

She tried to apply for a job at ReTail, but was fired after one day when she bought a shark for 1 bell.

In Comic 146, it is revealed her last name is Mccheapass.

Leila is secretly a Millionaire.

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