Link Kirby is a Kirby from the air ride series, revealed during the Kirby Boom
Link Kirby

About Edit

The Link in the series does not save the world, he olny gets pissed off by The Fairy. The Link of the series is this Kirby, Link Kirby. Link Kirby does not talk, though he uses link's cries from Super Smash Bros Brawl. Link Kirby likes the heroes but doesn't like the villans, especially Brown Kirby, who is basically the Ganondorf of the series.(because Ganondorf isn't anywhere near his Zelda counterpart) He is Friendly Rivals with Green Kirby and when He is not saving the world, he sometimes challenges Green Kirby to a swords match. He uses many weapons from the Zelda Series.

Weapons Edit





Red Candle (From the first Zelda game.)

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