This is a list of twitter handles that are associated with TARS Characters.

​Da ListEdit

@TARSDynaBlade (Dyna Blade)

@ShadowStarFlies (Shadow Star)

@WhiteKirbyHydra (White Kirby)

@TARS_BlueKirby (Blue Kirby)

@TARS_K_Rool (King K. Rool)

@Beyanutter (Bayonetta)

@TARSMettaton (Mettaton)

@TARSMissRobot (Miss Robot)

@PoyosRayquaza (Rayquaza)

@RealPoyoRide (Poyo Ride)

​Non TARS CharactersEdit

@BooParty8 (Boo)

@GreenKirby1210 (Green Kirby from GKAR. Inactive)


Boo actually surpassed Poyo Ride in followers.

Bayonetta's accouant was originally an old Blue Kirby account with the handle @Bluekirbyrulz. The explanation appears to be that Bayonetta hacked Blue Kirby's twitter and changed it up.

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