Kirbys Edit

White Kirby-The Legendary air ride machine

Blue Kirby-Carnival of the animals, Fossils segment

Yellow Kirby-Revenge of the enemy (Kirby triple deluxe)

Red Kirby-Titanium Batt-No More Heroes

Green Kirby-TAC Theme-Kirby Air Ride

Purple Kirby-Titanium Batt-No More Heroes

Brown Kirby-Kirbys Epic Yarn-Meta Knight Battle.

Pink Kirby-Green Greens

Shadow Kirby-Shadow Strike (Kirby triple deluxe) (Alternate: - メインテーマ - 竹取飛翔)

City Trial Characters Edit

Dyna Blade-Dyna Blades theme

Shadow Star-Rail Fire

All Patch-Pillar Theme

Poorly Drawn Kirby

Stadium Prediction-Rubbery Items

Dyna Blades Mom-Slowed Down version of dyna blades theme.

King Dedede-Tough Enemy (mass attack boss theme)

Meta Knight-Meta Knight battle (super star)

Meta Knights Girlfriend-Slowed Down revenge of meta knight theme.

Dark Meta Knight-Shadow Strike (Kirby triple deluxe)

Ridley-VS Ridley (SSBB)

Pokémon Edit

Lucario Sinnoh-Victory Road (Brawl version)

Mewtwo- Pokémon Rumble Mewtwo Battle

Rayquaza-Weather Trio Battle (Pokémon Anime)

Giratina-Giratina Battle (Pokémon Platium)

Glalie-Mega Stage (Pokémon Shuffle)

Mega Man Characters Edit

Metal Man-Mega Man 2 boss theme

Air Man-Air Man ga Tanoesi

Quick Man:Quick Mans Stage.

Mega Man-Dr Wily's Castle (MM2 edition)

Dr. Wily-Dr Wilys Castle (SSB4)

Ra Moon-Mega Man 3 Castle Boss

Yellow Devil-Wily Boss-Mega Man Powered Up

Mario Characters Edit

Bowser Jr.-Never Let Up

Antasma-The Final Antasma Battle

Bowser-Bowsers castle (MK8)

Golden Beanie-Victory in the dream world.

King Boo-Rival Battle: King Boo (Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics)

Dry Bowser-Rival Battle, Dry Bowser. (Mario and Sonic series)

FNAF CharactersEdit

Freddy-Toreador March

Foxy, Audiomachine-Blitzkrieng (Particulary the part that plays at around 2 minutes and 20 seconds into the song.)

The Puppet-The Puppets Party (Made by The linkboy)


Most Miss Robots .-Metal Crusher

Miss Robot 9.0.-Nyan Cat theme

Miss Robot 10.0.-Power of NEO

Miss Robot 11.0.-Death by Glamour

​Undertale CharactersEdit

Flowey-Your Best Friend

Temmie-Temmie Village Theme

Mettaton-Metal Crusher


Papyrus-Nyeh Heh Heh and Bonetrousle

Gaster-CORE theme


Green Kirby-Trick House (Pokemon RSE)


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