The Mario Kart challenge is a challenge made by poyo ride.

Rules Edit

You May not bump into a CPU. if a CPU bumps into you, it doesn't count.

You Must Put bananas fake item boxes and other objects like that on the road. if you don't you are littering.

You MUST stay on the main road. If you drive off of the road(like anywhere where you need off road to go faster, or a shortcut) you broke this rule. For example, the left tunnel at the end of warios gold mine is a shortcut, and off the main road, and in Pirahna plant slide, going on top of any of the blocks in the middle of the track is cheating.

You may not hit any walls, or anything.

No using mushrooms in the air, unless you are gliding, or its a golden mushroom.

Bloopers are olny allowed if you are driving overwater. If you use one while underwater, you are polluting the water.

No hitting CPU's with items, unless you hit them with a blue shell or bullet bill.

No Gliding crash landing. (that means not having the glider point downwards when you finish gliding.)

(Optional) You have 3 chances where you don't get pulled over.

If any of these rules are broken, you must go to the side of the course and wait until you are in 11th place.

Challenge rules Edit

You may olny go at a certain speed if you don't have an item youre using.

You may not do tricks or drift.

You cant hop.

You have to stop the kart to turn sharp turns.

You have to stop completely after using a speed booster item before you start up again, you may not slam the break, or youll be pulled over.

If these rules are all followed for the first 2 laps. The 3rd lap lets you break all the rules if you want.