Mega man is a character in the air ride series.

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Mega Man is always saving the world. While he likes all the non bad guys, not much of Crappy Town likes him. They see him as one of the 0.5 percent of Crappy Town thats nice. He usually cares for others, unlike everyone else.

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Friends Edit

Dr. Light


Rivals Edit

Brown Kirby

Dr. Wily

King Dedede

Ra Moon

Dyna Blade

Metal Man

Air Man

Quick Man

Trivia Edit

In this series, mega man likes all of the 8 kirbys from air ride except brown. (because hes evil, Duh. Also that doesn't mean the other 7 kirbies like him) GKAR's incarnation of Mega Man is liked by all the Kirbys except brown.

Mega Man actually had his Facebook account terminated. Poyo Ride believes that in one post, he or another character mentioned Mega Man being a robot. Facebook then took down his FB because they don't want any robots on their site. Thats proof facebook is racist.