—Metal Man on various occasions.

Metal Man is a character in The Air Ride Series.

About Edit

Metal Man is a retarded robot master who is weak to his own weapon. He often says otherwise, saying he has a different weakness.


Metal Man is a character in SMSB. He jumps pretty high, but his metal blades can be picked up and thrown at him, killing him. He uses his NES sprite from Mega Man 2. He can not double jump.

Metal Man is one of the best fighters in the game. He can rack up damage from a distance with his different blades, and his 1 weakness, his own weapon, can be easily avoided with a long ranged jump. Not many characters do well against him, and the best characters to go against him are Mewtwo, Brown Kirby, and another Metal Man.


Special MovesEdit

Netural Special-Metal Man throws a Metal Blade in one of 8 directions. 5%

Up Special-Metal Man spins around surrounded by two metal blades. Has little recovery poitental. 6%.

Final Smash:Mega Metal Blade-Metal Man throws a huge metal blade. It takes up most of the final destination area, meaning it is hard to avoid. 64%



In his debut comic, he says that the quick boomerang is his weakness in a cover up so no one uses his own weapon against him. He is still weak to it though. He never says this again though.

Due to Comic 83 being how the real 9-11 happened in TARS, Metal Man caused 9-11 in TARS.

While he doesn't remember a lot about 2014, Poyo remembers he made Metal Man with his cousin on December 30, 2014. He says Metal Man was most likely the final 2014 character.

  • However, in a Barney raid (raid=all the stupid Facebook accounts attacked a page) one of the characters said that someone not from the Air Ride Group, which was a Metal Man Page, was also helping in the raid.

Metal Man is one of the original 3 robot masters from TARS, alongside Quick Man and Air Man.

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