Mewtwo Is a recurring character in The Air Ride Series, and one of the main villains. 

Mewtwo ranks at 24th on the TARS tier list. This puts him in last place among the main characters. He is one of the most recurring characters, which is a pro on the list, but Mewtwo is basically just a generic villain. He is also similar to Brown Kirby, a character made about the same time as him. He also isn't the funniest character around. These put Mewtwo at dead last on the list.


Mewtwo is a Pokémon created by science in the games. While never confirmed in the series, it seems likely he is a pokemon created by science in TARS, but who cares, the only scientists in Crappy Town are Light, who only makes robots, Wily, and Dr. Blade, who makes things out of her shit and kirbies. He was the ultimate Pokémon in Generation 1, with a base stat total of 680, the highest in the game. (Oh and don't get me started on his type.) In generation 2 however Ho-oh and Lugia had a base stat total of 680, leaving Mewtwo sharing his spot with those two. In Generation IV, Arceus had a base stat total of 720, meaning Mewtwo (and Ho-oh, Lugia & Rayquaza) are now tied for second with some of the new Gen 4 pokemon, but In Gen 6, he got 2 Mega Evoloutions with 780 base stat totals, making him the strongest pokemon, until OR/AS when Rayquaza got a seriously broken mega with 780 stats as wel.

Mewtwo resides in cerulain cave (Unknown Dungeon in X/Y) in the games. Mewtwo is one of the hardest Pokémon to catch in the games, with many using the Master Ball against Mewtwo. This is due to him being pretty powerful, and his move recover, which he uses in battles where you try and catch him. Recover restores HP, but it is not his signature move, Psystrike is his signature move, but he didn't get it until Generation 5. In the series, Mewtwo is often seen using Shadow Ball as a move instead of Psystrike. This is because of Mewtwo using attacks that the Mewtwo from SSBM/SSB4 is seen using. Mewtwo also holds the trait of being one of (if not the) most wanted veterans to return in SSB4. He did appear in SSB4 as DLC. Many people were happy, some too happy coughetikacough.


Mewtwo is a villain who does evil things. He is the villain of many long comics.






Lucario Sinnoh


The 8 kirbys

Stop Motion Smash Bros

Mewtwo is a playable character in SMSB.

Mewtwo is absolutley dominat in the game, being _ on the tier list. He has amazing speed and power, and a weight of 97. Most of his moves come from Melee and SSB4.

Mewtwo's Sprites used in SMSB were made by JoshR691 on


Standard attack-Mewtwo punches the player. Netural Special-Same as Melee

Side Special-Same as SSB4

Up Special-same as melee

Down Special-Mewtwo heals 20%

Forward Air-Same as SSB4

Netural Air-Same as SSB4
  • Mewtwo's Sprites. (Page 1) Sprites used made By JoshR691
  • Mewtwos SMSB Sprites. (Page 2) Sprites made by JoshR691
  • The Sprite Sheet Used for Mewtwos SMSB Sprites. Made by JoshR691.
  • Page 3

Back air-same as SSB4

Forward Smash-Same as Melee/SSB4.

Down Smash-Same as Melee

Final Smash 1- Mega Mewtwo Y, if you select Mega Mewtwo Y, Mewtwo mega evolves into that form, and does the SSB4 final smash, but with a 60% damage increase. 90%

Final Smash 2-Mega Mewtwo X-Mewtwo mega evolves into Mega Mewtwo X. All attacks are increased to always do 40% and for Mega Mewtwos attacks only, all character weights are halved.

Side Taunt-Mewtwo strecthes its arm forward.

​Stupidstar Saga

Mewtwo first appears in the middle of the great palace, revealing he made the virus. However Ridley attacks because of one of Mewtwo's comments and Mewtwo is fought at the end of the first floor. He then Mega Evolves, and a giant battle happens as Mega Mewtwo Y is very strong. After this, Mewtwo says he didn't make the virus and was paid a million bucks to say he did. He then sees the money is fake. He yells out the name of the virus maker for giving him so called "Miss Robot Bucks."

​Air Ride TCG

Mewtwo card
Mewtwo appears in the TCG. His first attack is shadow ball, a basic 70 damage attack. His next attack is psycharge. For 3 turns, Mewtwo has to do this move, but damage is halved when this move is used. After 3 turns, Mewtwo does damage based on how much damage he took during that period. Mewtwo's final attack, recover, lets him heal 50 HP.



Mewtwo is one of the most recurrring antagonosts in the series, particualary the Long Comics.

Mewtwo is the first character in SMSB to use sprites made by somebody other than Poyo Ride that were not ripped from an actual game.

  • Some of his sprites are from actual games, such as his second final smash, as clearly seen in the slideshow.

Mewtwo's Facebook account is disabled.

Mewtwo joined Pokken Tournament and tried to be cool with his Shadow Form, but nobody liked it and he also had to be in his normal form.

Mewtwo loves skittles.