MISSROBOTSHACKINGSITE is a website created by an unknown person that can be used to hack Miss Robot.

How it works Edit

You type something in the box. Then it goes into the server. Miss Robot does the command at the top of the server. After she does that, the top command dissappears off the server and Miss Robot does the next command at the top. You can hack Miss Robots 1.0.-13.0. and Baby Miss Robot, each with their own seprate servers. However, 10.0. can only be hacked to do evil things. There is also an area which shows what Miss Robot is doing from her point of view.

Forbidden Commands Edit

Some commands with "anti-hacking procedures" typed in will result in Miss Robot instead self destructing, including

  • Teach the class
  • Save somebodys life
  • Help the environment
  • Stop Bullying

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

Many use Would you be surprised to find out one of these people is Miss Robot. She doesn't just use the other servers, she uses her own. (This basically means she hacks herself.)

Miss Robot's official twitter lists her website as When clicked, it takes you to the page you see when you type an invalid web address.

The official artwork shows that you can have an account on the server.

  • Some of the accounts include, Miss Robot 2.0., Kirby, Robin, and Mrs. AMP
  • One of the users, Robbiethecoolkid hacks Miss Robot to throw the TNT factory at his EX girlfriend for being a Bitch. Somebody else named StacyisCool hacks Miss Robot to throw the TNT factory at her boyfriend, Robbie, for breaking up with her. This means Stacy and Robbie were together until Robbie broke up with Stacy for being a bitch, and they both hacked Miss Robot to throw the TNT factory at each other.

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