Monster flame blue kirby is blue kirbys final smash in stop motion smash bros. When he grabs the smash ball, blue
Monster Flame Blue Kirby
kirby transforms into monster flame kirby. He then proceeds to attack with the flaming dragons, after a dragon is off the stage, blue kirby waits one frame before attacking again. It is a powerful final smash, and a very quick one


Trivia Edit

Monster Flame Blue Kirby is one of the Final Smashes that can be used in a game a character is from. In this case, Blue Kirby is playable as a 3rd player exclusive character in Kirbys Return to Dreamland, and has access to the super abilities. Therefore, it is possible to play as Monster Flame Blue Kirby in Kirbys Return to Dreamland if the third player obtains the Monster Flame Super Ability.

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