Reide Bairis (Or Mrs. Bairis) is a teacher at Ride School. Mrs. Bairis previously taught every character from the air ride series, as

well as poyo ride. (in TARS, not in reality) .

Personality Edit

Mrs. bairis loves to teach students. She doesn't like her kids out of the classroom when they are learning. However her students are crazy as shit and when she wants to teach, White Kirby is chasing Blue Kirby for a hydra piece he stole, The Shadow Star is doing drugs on the U.F.O. with the all patch, and poyo ride is drawing in his books.

Trivia Edit

Mrs. Bairis' first name is ride if you take out the E and her last name is air if you take out the B, one I, and the S. Change the places of the two words and you get Air Ride'.

  • She, however, isn't the olny teacher with Air Ride in their name, though hers is well hidden, probablay the most hidden refrence in a teachers name.

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