Mrs. Deilo

Mrs. Deilo trying to understand the science book.

Mrs. Deilo is a teacher at Ride School. She is a teacher who is a helper in Math Class. She appears to be an old lady, and she claims she has been around since the dinosaurs. However, in reality, Mrs. Deilo is actually a 2 year old who may have taken a wee bit too much drugs. Since drugs make people look older, as shown with Lice Peeking in the book Flush, Mrs. Deilo transformed into an old lady.

Trivia Edit

If you change the letters in her name around, you get Mrs. olDie.

Mrs. Deilo seems to be pretty bad at history. People often ask her about things that happened in ancient times. (EX:When did King Tut become Pharaoh) Mrs. Deilo answers with the most incorrect answer possible. (EX:Uh, I dunno? 2014?)

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