"I "borrowed" a kids building blocks, and I built a portal to the real world. I didn't give him back the blocks, he just got more in the real world. (If you know what I mean.)"


Nightmare's Current Profile Picture on Facebook

Nightmare is a character in The Air Ride Series.

About Edit

Nightmare was made in a dream in the FNAF4 long comic. The kid got fucking scared of him, but he's like the only one. Nobody else finds him scary. Nightmare always asks if hes a scary animatronic, and nobody says yes. They often call him Black Fredbear. Nightmare is in the real world, since he paid off a Pi'illo to take him to the real world.


Golden Freddy. (Main Rival. Rival in Jumpscares, and as Nightmare Animatronics.)

The Puppet (Copied Him)



Nightmare is one of few characters to get a Facebook Account after White Kirby lost his. The other character is Freddy Fazbear.

On Facebook, Nightmare's name was Vincent Eramtgihn. This is because Facebook dislikes the word Nightmare. It was quickly changed to Nightt Mare.

  • Vincent is a popular name for The Killer. Eramtgihn is nightmare backwards, with a little change in letters.

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