Nightmare Dyna Blade is a character in the FNAF4 Comic.
Nightmare Dyna Blade

About Edit

Nightmare Dyna Blade appears in the FNAF4 Comic, replacing Nightmare Fredbear.

Trivia Edit

Nightmare Dyna Blade's right eye is the same as Nightmare's.

Before the FNAF4 comic started, Nightmare posted a photo on Facebook called Rate the Animatronics, calling himself sexy and Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmarionne Knockoffs. Dyna Blade replied, having edited the photo by taking out Nightmarionne, moving Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbear over to the right, which now had Nightmare under "Knockoff." A picture of the right hall with Nightmare Dyna Blade was placed in the Sexy spot, where Nightmare was located.


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