Nurby is a character in TARS.

About Edit

Nurby is the second youngest brother in the Butthead family. Nurby is a nerd and he reads books. However, Kirby, his younger brother, would rather join a gang than be in his brothers book club, as seen in Kirby Joins a Gang.

​Relationships with other charactersEdit


Kirby hates Nurby a lot. Nurby wants to befriend Kirby and always invites him to read books and do nerd stuff. However, Kirby is busy burning down the science lab with Miss Robot. Kirby always calls him a stupid nerd.

Name originEdit

Nurby is a combination of Nerd and Kirby. However, it would technically be Nerby. Poyo Ride preferred the name with a U, making his name Nurby.

Trivia Edit

Nurby has a cat nammed Woofy. He thinks it's a dog though. Many people try and convince him otherwise, but he still thinks it's a dog.

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