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Orange Kirby is a random Kirby who didn't appear in Kirby Air Ride.

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Orange Kirby is always complaining that he is not in Kirby Air Ride. This annoys many people due to his constant screaming. He dislikes Pink Kirby and Kirby (the default colored kirbys) because he thinks they were much less needed colors and a waste of time, though he never realizes that Pink Kirbys were the default Kirby. He thinks the default Kirby is White Kirby since he's the main character.

Since he can't get money by winning City Trial, he has a lot of jobs, but he gets fired easily.


Orange Kirby is usually sad and annoying with his constant whining. This causes people to not like him.


Beige Kirby

Black Kirby


Pretty Much Everybody

Trivia Edit

  • Orange Kirby shares a lot of his personality with Ridley, due to both not being playable in a certain game. However, he isn't as destructive.
  • Before he made the first comic, Orange Kirby was Poyo Rides favorite character in TARS, and is the first character to recieve this award.
  • Orange Kirby is the only Kirby colored from one of the colors of the Original Rainbow to not be featured as a real Kirby color in air ride.
  • He is the most prominent player of Kirby Air Ride Modoki. This is because he's been playing it since the first version. He plays since he is in Modoki.
  • Surprisingly, Orange is in SSB4. Poyo Ride says that while it was a real cool surprise, Purple shouldve been in due to actually being in Air Ride, but he kinda prefers orange in the game since he's a bit more recurring than Purple.
  • Orange Kirby got terminated on Facebook before White Kirby. This wasn't a big deal, unlike when White was terminated.
    • People who followed Orange Kirby in getting terminated were White Kirby, Mewtwo, Blue Kirby, and Mega Man.

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