This article is about the pink and yellow Kirby from GKAR. If you're looking for the Pink Kirby in The Air ride series, see Here. If you're looking for the yellow kirby in TARS, see Here.

Pink and Yellow

A crummy compilation that was turned into a single similitude.

Pink Kirby and Yellow Kirby are characters in Green Kirby Air Ride.

Personality Edit

These two are always together. They have the same personality, like twins. They are always cheerful and peppy and do everything together. They are hated by most of the kirbys, and are even mentioned to sometimes take pieces from white Kirby. They Like most of the kirbys though. They don't like Purple and Red because Purple is a prankster and Red is always angry.



They were the last Kirbys who used the Classic Feet Design, as in Comic 25, they have the classic feet, because Poyo Ride drew them himself and could not draw kirby eyes. (White and Blue were on stars, so their feet were not in the classic design.) In Comic 26, the Kirbys were shown with new feet.

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