Planet Poopstar is a planet that all the characters live on.

Planet Poopstar

Planet Poopstar in its natural habitat.

About Edit

Planet Poopstar was created by Arceus to rival God's sexy planet called Earth. Planet Poopstar is generally not considered a planet in the solar system, however, it is in it. Planet Poopstars orbit is weird. This thing is really fucking fast, it zooms around the solar system, crashing into many things. It sometimes crashes into other planets, causing an earthquake on both planets. Planet Poopstar hit Jupiter so hard, Jupiter gained its Big Red Spot.

All the characters from each series inhabit this planet. Many TARS Characters believe Mrs. Anger Management Problems made up the fact that Planet Poopstar has a magnetic field. Planet Poopstar does have a magnetic field, like Earth, so people can live on it.


Trivia Edit

Planet Poopstar has exact replicas of the continents that Earth has.

One day, when Mrs. AMP's class was doing a bunch of science experiments, one of the groups Mrs. AMP put together, Kirby, Robin, Rocky, and Dyna Blade, had to observe a few carrots in bags of soil and describe the changes for the ones in the bags longer. However, to not waste any soil on the planet, Mrs. AMP used brown playdoh instead. Kirby wanted to make her experiment as real as possible, so he replaced all the soil in the planet with brown playdoh. In conclusion, Kirby replaced all the soil in Planet Poopstar with Brown Playdoh.

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