Pokemon Shuffle is a stage in SMSB.

About Edit

Pokemon Shuffle has characters in a Shuffle Board. The opponet can be one of ten opponets, Eevee, Charizard, Lucario, Mew, Milotic, Mega Altaria, Mega Glalie, Mega Aerodactayl, Mewtwo, or Rayquaza. The characters are spread out in a box. The pokemon icons prevent the characters from approching each other. 4 Pokemon icons are removed and characters spawn in where the icon should be. The opponet helps characters approch eachother. Each does a different thing.

Eevee-Removes a Pokemon blocking a player for a limited time.

Charizard-Burns up a random Pokemon on the board. It regenerates after a while.

Lucario-Removes a vertacial row of Pokemon for some time.

Mew-Constantaly removes Pokemon. The Pokemon regenerate after a few seconds.

Milotic-Freezes a Pokemon. If the frozen Pokemon is attacked, it will disappear for a while.

Mega Altaria-Erases a group of Pokemon next to each other. They regenerate.

Mega Glalie-Constantaly Freezes Pokemon. Same rules apply for Milotic.

Mega Aerodactayl-Removes a horizontal row of Pokemon.


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