Poyo Ride's Friend is a person who lives on a smelly planet called earth. He is friends with Poyo Ride, as the page title suggests. He usually helps with TARS story ideas, with his ideas almost always being for School comics.

Characters Made Edit

This is a list of recurring characters that Poyo's friend came up with.

  • The Art Teacher
  • Mrs. Loudness
  • Miss Robot 2.0. transparent
    Miss Robot 2.0. (he came up with the idea for it, but Poyo Ride made the character.)
  • Miss Robot 15.0.
  • Miss Robot 17.0.

Trivia Edit

  • He has been to Woodfire Kirby's at a very young age.
  • He seems to imagine the characters differently in stories. A while back, when he said he was drawing Miss Robot, he was shocked to find out Miss Robot had a wheel. Nowadays, he draws miss robot with an antenna on her head, and draws Mrs. AMP to look much older, implying he thinks of the characters like that. He also draws the characters with much more detail, because Poyo Ride's drawings look like Animatronic Shit mixed with Dyna Blade's chicks.
  • He's a HUGE Minecraft fan.
  • According to Poyo Ride, while not being an avid Pokemon fan, his favorite Pokemon is Eevee and its evolutions, while his second favorites are Aggron and Delphox. :D He also likes Kyogre and the Mew Duo.
  • When he first found out Delphox was not in Smash, he said "WHAT!" loudly and obnoxiously, and proceeded to rant about Delphox not being in Smash.
  • When playing Smash, Poyo Ride got a Giratina out of a Pokeball, and when his friend saw, he thought it was a pillow pet.

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