The PoyPost has a lot of issues, and it would be taking up a lot of space to keep them all, so each issue will be on this page about a month after it is made.

Issue 1 Edit

Hey everybody, welcome to The PoyPost's first ever issue! At the end of each month, the PoyPost will recieve a new
issue. There will be sections for different topics below.

Why a Newspaper?Edit

You might be wondering, why did I make a newspaper.

Well, I went to the Super Mario Wiki, one of NIWA's wikis. They had a newspaper known as The Shroom, which hit it's 100th issue. I decided to check it out, and I liked the idea, so here it is.

News and announcements.Edit

Happy Birthday Stupid Blue Kirby. Blue Kirbys Birthday is July 29, so say happy birthday, or have youre pieces taken.
Blues Birthday
We have some artwork and a comic for Blue's Birthday.

The Mystery of the Multicolored Stars has finally got a Comic adaption getting started, after over a year of the story being a thing. 

There is a new story, where the Kirbys visit Illinois' largest Water Park, Raging Waves. A comic adaption has just been started. A section of the story is in text on the wiki.

There is another story about all the Teens of Crappy Town turning evil because they all got grounded. The first section is now on the wiki as text.

A FNAF4 story will be started very soon.

A story will involve the kingdom Crappy Town is in to unite with another kingdom with the Princess of the kingdom marrying a Prince. Crappy Town tries to stop this. One part will involve both Kingdom residents at a ball in Freddy Fazbears Pizza, while the animatronics are all backstage during it. All the Kirbys will invade the ball and White gets on the stage playing an Electric Guitar, while Foxy steals one of the spare guitars for Bonnie backstage and joins him, effectivaly turning the ball into a disco party. This is based on SMG4 Bloopers, Castle Royale.

New ComicsEdit

New Comics have been made recently.

Spin Off news Edit

In SMSB, DLC Pack 2 will have a new stage, about Raging Waves' Tasamain Twisters. It involves the fighters sliding down several slides and going up stairs while fighting.

DLC Pack 3 will be made, with new SMSB characters like Tim, DJ Octavio, and more.

A TARS StrawpollEdit

Yup, a Strawpoll for TARS has been made Favorite Kirby Vote youre favorite TARS Kirby, and lets see who has the most votes.

Art GalleryEdit

This part of The PoyPost depicts artwork for TARS and more. It's short today, but next time, it will be longer.

Conclusion and a few notes about the future. Edit

And here we have it, the end of the first issue. It may not be the best, but, hey, it will be much better as the years go on. We hope you are excited for August. Anyways, I might ask my cousin GreenKirby121098 to be a helper of the PoyPost. He would have his own section too. For a future issue, I will have a fanon section, about the TARS stories you make. Also, in the comments, you can ask me a question, and in the QnA section of a future issue, I will answer all of youre questions. Anyways, before we go...

the countdown to 100, begins, NOW

Ninety Nine.White Kirby (talk) 03:07, July 29, 2015 (UTC)

Issue 2Edit


GK121098 has officialy decided to retire from GKAR. He has given all rights of the series to Poyo Ride. It is unknown how long until he will come back, if he will, though Poyo Ride says he won't be as active as he is on this wiki.

New Long ComicsEdit

Long Comics on FNAF2 and 4 are going to be started. FNAF2 will involve time travel, and FNAF4 will have a machine that lets people enter dreams.

An alien will be coming to Ride School in a long comic, disguised as a human, until his parents fix their UFO. In the end of the comic, his parents try and eliminate the school when the ship is finished.

We will have a long comic about the First Day of a New School Year. This means loads of new teachers, and other things.

New CharactersEdit

Lots of new teachers are being added to the series, such as Mrs. AngerManagementProblems, who is always angry, and the Art Teacher, who only likes red.

The three toy animatronics are going to be in the long comic for FNAF2. There will also be another Mangle different from the one in TARS. It will not be broken like the TARS mangle.

Newest ComicsEdit

Art Gallery Edit

Conclusion Edit

So, now we have finished issue two. We also have another series that Poyo has to make, GKAR! We hope you look forward to the future of TARS, and GKAR.

98-White Kirby (talk) 22:33, August 29, 2015 (UTC

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