Purple Ass

Purple Guy pretending he's a boxer

The Purple Guy is a character in The Air Ride Series. 


The Purple Guy is a childrens killer. He visits many restraunts (Freddy Fazbears Pizza only) to kill kids. It's basically happened so many times the animatronics don't give a shit about it.


The Purple Guy is a fighter in SMSB. He is one of 3 FNAF characters that are playable, but not DLC.




Give Cake to the Children

The Purple Guy having murdered a kid in a FNAF2 death minigame.

The Purple Guy (or whatever you want to call him) is responsible for the events in the Five Nights at Freddys series. The Purple Guy murdered at least 6 kids, who most likely possesed the FNAF1 animatronics (including Golden Freddy) and The Puppet.

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