Purple Kirby is a third party character appearing rarely in the air ride series. When he
appears in the series Green Kirby appears too.

Personality Edit

He is a prankster. He is contantly getting in trouble with the law because of stuff he does. He does some awkward stuff in his series that no one finds funny.

Trivia Edit

When the series was decided, Purple Kirby was a canadate for "Main Character" along with Green Kirby. Poyo Ride picked purple Kirby while Greenkirby121098 was in the middle. Despite ride's pick, green Kirby got chosen. Poyo Ride says that the design of Green Kirby looks better if it "Stayed Green".

Purple Kirby is Poyo Rides favorite GKAR character. 

  • In the FSJ series, Purple Link is based off of him, since ride liked his character.

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