Rap License

The Shadow Star's Rap License

"Ohhhh, he's rapping without his license."
      —An officer in The Rap Police Notice

A Rap License is a License that lets you use AutoRap. If you do not Rap on AutoRap, your license gets taken away, and if you use AutoRap without it, you get arrested. The Shadow Star always gets arrested due to not using AutoRap correctly, and will usually make fake Rap Licenses. (He even takes his back in The Rap Police Notice.)


Trivia Edit

For some reason, Kirby and Miss Robot never get their Rap Licenses taken away when they do not rap, despite not rapping numerous times. (EX:In Kirby Plays Baseball and the Miss Robot plays Minecraft Trilogy)

  • However, Miss Robot is arrested in Miss Robot Shreds Her License after using AutoRap during and after shredding her license.

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