Red Kirby is not the Red Kirby from the air ride series. Instead He is from Green Kirby Air Ride as a Kirby who appears rarely in comics for TARS. 


He is angry and he hates everything people do to him.
GKAR Red 2.0.

Red Kirbys Artwork by Poyo Ride

Trivia Edit

White Kirby gets along with this red Kirby and the red Kirby from the air ride series. A very rare occourance. The same applies with Purple Kirby.

Technically, he isn't a antagonist, he is still one of the 8 original and regular kirbies. Plus he doesn't hate everyone and not everyone hates him.

Despite being angry, he gets along with White Kirby pretty well. He is also friends with Blue Kirby from GKAR.

He can very well be compared to Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants. He is a grumpy character constantlaly annoyed by a dumb character, just like Squidward.

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