The Regi Trio is a group of three pokemon in The Air Ride Series.


Members Edit


Registeel Edit

Registeel is the leader of the three golems. He is generally the one who decides what to do, but will take non dumb ideas from the other two regis. He is the brains of the group.

Regirock Edit

Regirock is the most straghitforward of the group. He does things with Registeel and Regice, and is the brawn of the group. He isn't really that special as a character, though he does play electric guitar.

Regice Edit

Regice is usually late for things, which irritates the other two golems. They still like him. He is generally equal in the brains and brawn category.

Kicked out Edit

Regigigas Edit

Regigigas used to be a member of the group, but got kicked out because he took a million years to do everything. He was a member cause he didn't have a job, even though being in the regi trio is not a job.


Each of the Regis appears in SMSB as part of DLC pack 4.

Regice-A playable DLC character

Regirock-Appears as an assist trophy.

Registeel-Will be a boss in a DLC stage.


Trivia Edit

  • In the actual Pokemon games, all of the Regis share a common weakness to fighting type moves.

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