It is time for Kirby, Mrs. AMP, and Miss Robot to pick their starters to journey through the tihs backwards region. Miss Robot picks Squirtle because it is a Water Type. Kirby wants Charmander, but Mrs. AMP says that's the most overrated Pokemon ever, but Kirby doesn't care. Mrs. AMP wanted Bulbasaur anyways. Kirby and Mrs. AMP have their first battle. Mrs. AMP wins because Kirby's Charmander doesn't have any fire moves. Kirby proceeds to challenge Miss Robot and her Squirtle... Well, actually, her squirtle is now a fully evolved Blastoise. Her Blastoise uses Roar of Time, and then Spatial Rend, and now Charmander is dead. Miss Robot's Blastoise proceeds to evolve into a Palkia.

After blowing up all 8 gyms, it's time for some Legendary Hunting. The three go to Spear Pillar to find Dialga and Palkia. Kirby wants Dialga, while Mrs. AMP wants Palkia. Miss Robot says she doesn't want any of the two, as she has Palkia, but then her Palkia evolves into a Kyogre. Now Miss Robot wants Palkia. Mrs. AMP asks what she can have. Kirby tells her about Giratina and says it has two forms. Mrs. AMP wants Giratina due to its two forms, which Dialga and Palkia do not have. (Except in Mystery Dungeon) Mrs. AMP asks what it is based on, and Kirby says it's based on the devil. Mrs. AMP loses intrest. Kirby says she can have Entei, and says it's a good Pokemon. Mrs. AMP agrees, and finds an Entei in a patch of grass. However, it runs off a cliff and dies. Kirby says she can have Volcanion, but Miss Robot says that's an uncatchable Pokemon, and when it becomes avaibile, she wants dibs. Kirby says she can have Arceus, but Mrs. AMP is not catching god.

After all of that, they start wonder trading. Mrs. AMP is attacked by Caterpies, while Miss Robot gets a Shiny Deoxys. She doesn't want it, as it is not a water type. She gives it to Kirby for a 0 IV Feebas with max contest stats in toughness.

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