Rosie is a character in the granny torrelli series. She always tries to stop granny torrelli 

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by saying "NO GRANNY" but always fails. She is nice and rarely closes her mouth. Unlike most characters, Rosie has no eyeballs but her eyes and mouth can go bigger than the world. granny torrelli kills her in almost every episode though she comes back.


Rosie is a third party fighter in SMSB.


Smash AttacksEdit

Forward Smash-Rosie kicks the foe. Mr. Penguin hits the foe from

Granny Torrelli SmashEdit

Rosie is a character in Granny Torrelli Smash


See Rosies Moveset for SMSB.

Smash BrosEdit

Rosie appears in Smash bros videos focused on GT characters.

How to make her customEdit

Make a mii that looks like Rosie. Rosie is in the Brawler Class.

Rosie should have 170-180 speed and -80-90 speed. The exact stats for each are 173 and 90. Rosie has the Meanderer Agility Badge, so she has decreased walk speed.

For specials, Netural 1, Side 1, Up 3, and Down 3. She has no headgear and a standard outfit. Her powers are Level 2 heavenly light, Level 1 Super Armor, and Level 4 Rocket Belt.


Rosie hates spagetthi.

Her Birthday is 9/12. One day after 9/11

Rosies face became infamous by Poyo Rides Friends.

  • One of Poyo's friends, who made nintendo school comics, actually used Rosies face for when the teacher of his series got angry, but with evil eyebrows.
  • Another one, Minecraftgeek37, scribbled on the faces of people to make them have Rosies face.

In Stop Motion and Panel Comics, characters sometimes have Rosies face right before somethings about to happen thats bad.