Sheer Mountain Range

Sheer Mountain Range in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

Sheer Mountain Range is a very annoying level. It's a 13 floor hellhole you can't get past. When the visitors actually bring items, they forget to bring apples and starve, and lose all their items, including the sexy progress device. People go to Pelliper Island and farm items so they can get past this stupid ass dungeon and go on to the next dungeon, which has the same difficulty rating, but it's like 10X easier.

Origin Edit

Sheer Mountain Range is a Mystery Dungeon in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. It is the first of two dungeons you visit after leaving Serene Village to go to Lively Town. Poyo Ride had some troubles with this dungeon, one time even forgetting apples while he had all the other sexy items, which he lost. Poyo put this dungeon into TARS as a stupid ass mountain you cannot get past.


The dungeon where every stinkin enemy is a Genesect is easier than this.

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