A splatfest comic is a comic that is about the current Splatoon Splatfest. It shows both sides, with one side being White and Red Kirby, and a few others, doing something related to their side, which is the side Poyo is on. The other side shows an accident related to the other side with some of the villains. (Such as starting a forest fire when roasting Marshmallows.)

List of Comics Edit

Comic 64 remake


Roller Coasters VS Water Slides Edit

Comic 64

Roller Coasters Edit

The Roller Coaster Breaks, and flies off, with Dyna Blade Smiling.

Water Slides Edit

Many heroes are riding a water slide.

Marshmallows VS Hot Dogs Edit

Marshmallows Edit

Comic 70

Blue Kirby starts a forest fire roasting Marshmallows.

Hot Dogs Edit

White and Red are looking at some hot dogs, ready to eat.

Rock VS PopEdit

Rock VS Pop is a unique comic, as it is a regular comic about a European Splatfest, taking place of the Transformers splatfest, as Poyo does not watch Transformers, as he said here.

"Theres a new splatfest, time to make a comi... what the hell, transformers. Goddammit, first of all, I don't even WATCH the show, and i'm also not sure which team to pick. Maybe the purple one, though the other one is red, a
Comic 75
ranked batt.... GOD DAMMIT NINTENDO.

That means I might not do the next spaltfest, as a comic. Wa wa, well, theres one splatfest I've always wanted to do, Europes Rock VS Pop. Thats the one splatfest I want overseas, I'm team Rock, and i'm going to make something unrelated to music for pop."


Some characters are listening to some rock music.


There is a big soda mess everywhere, the janitor is not happy.

Art VS ScienceEdit


Comic 84

White Kirby is in a colorful background


Mrs. AngerManagementProblems is not happy that Blue Kirby broke a science glass.

Cars VS PlanesEdit

Comic 88

White Kirby is in a car.Edit


1 word, 9-11

Pirates VS NinjasEdit


The Pirates are on a Pirate Ship, while Dyna Blade will trample it.


A picture of Ninja White Kirby and Ninja Kirby.
Comic 94


The Comic implies that Poyo Ride is on team Ninja, but he actually switched sides before the splatfest.

Burgers VS PizzaEdit

Comic 114


Burger fight at a flaming Burger King.


The characters are eating Pizza at Domino's Pizza.

Comic 118

Naughty VS NiceEdit


White Kirby burnt down a building.


Blue Kirby is trying to behave.

Past VS FutureEdit

This comic shows things the Past and Future had.
Comic 122


  • King K. Rool actually appearing.
  • Mario Party without stupid car stuff
  • No Play Station or X Box


  • An asteroid hitting earth.
Comic 130

Red VS BlueEdit


Charizard shows up live to all of his fans.


White Kirby and Blastoise are at a bar, discussing how they can win the Splatfest.

Snowmen VS SandcastlesEdit

Comic 137 splatfest snowmen vs sandcastles by poyoride-d9vxtd5


Dyna Blade is using her snowplow to run over Blue Kirby's Snowman, while also saying "WINTER SUCKS"


White Kirby hacked the game built a huge sandcastle, while the Shadow Star claims that White Kirby hacked the game.

​Fancy vs CostumeEdit

Comic 148

Fancy PartyEdit

Blue Kirby wants to go to the costume party because no one likes fancy parties.

Costume PartyEdit

White Kirby and Temmie are at the costume party

Early Bird vs Night OwlEdit

Comic 156

Early BirdEdit

Blue Kirby wakes up, before deciding to go back to bed

Night OwlEdit

White Kirby gives the kiddies tips to rob stores

Comic 157

Callie VS MarieEdit

Callie and MarieEdit

Both are preforming to an empty audience, with text saying No


Everybody watches a good star preform

Future Comics

Poyo Ride will make some Splatfests as extra comics. This will include any Europe and Japan Splatfest, with the heroes on the side Poyo would pick. Poyo will be doing some of them, not all of them. He will also do Cats VS Dogs. As for future Splatfests in NA, Poyo will most likely cover them.

Confirmed Comics that will be made as extra comics Edit

Cats VS Dogs

Ghosts vs Zombies


Poyo Ride said each comic has a trend. Each Panel Blue Kirby is on is the side he did not pick, while the one White is on is the side he picked.

  • In marshmallows VS hot dogs, Blue is only mentioned, though White is still on the other panel.
  • Blue is also absent on Past VS future and Red VS Blue
  • Callie VS Marie does not feature either

When explaining the Autobots VS Decepticons Issue he is having, Poyo Ride claims that the autobots color for the splatfest is Red, when it is actually Pink.

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