The Story starts at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The 4 Kirbys and other people there are eating Pizza while Bonnie and Chica play a song about how Drugs are good for you. (I'm just saying, never take Drugs, ever.) Freddy Fazbear is signing autographs. Then, the comic replays the Night 5 cutscene from FNAF4. However, when the 4 kids shove the FNAF4 protagonost into Freddys mouth, it cuts to some mom. Freddy Fazbear is holding the FNAF4 protagonost and asks if her kid is Billy Meyer, and says he and a bunch of other teens shoved a kid into his mouth, because he had a fear of animatronics. Mrs. Meyer then heads towards her son, while Freddy returns the kid to his father, who is the Purple Guy. (Though he doesnt have anything to do with the plot.) The Police come, and the kids are taken to court. The News then covers the story, and asks some people their thoughts about this. The victim says he had a fear of animatronics, and some ass of a man makes games about his nightmares, Freddy says he is now a Kidertarian, (Person who does not eat kids) and The Marionette yells that he is not in FNAF4. 

Meanwhile, in court, the 4 teenagers are found guilty, though not arrested. Freddy's phone keeps on going off because a source code number on a website of a popular horror game known as Five Spooky Days at Bennys led to his pizzeria being heavily harassed by phone calls because of the 6 and 5's leading to fans believing they know about the bite of '65. The teens are eventually Grounded for a year. Which obivously means, no Phones, No PS4, No Xbox. (Cause most teens have an addiction to at least one of those things, except me.)

After that, it seems lots of teenagers are getting grounded in Crappy Town. Some are misbehaving in school, some are caught taking drugs, and so on. Obivously, they also get their Phones and Xboxes taken away.

Meanwhile, its that time of month again. The Kirby Chat. Where the eight kirbys from air ride gather around with snacks and drinks and talk about stuff. They are talking about the whole grounded thing.

Meanwhile, at High School, the teens are angry they dont have their phones. Billy then comes up with a plan, and then all the teens are evil.


Freddy was used instead of Fredbear for The Bite of 87 due to Fredbear not being a character.

  • Golden Freddy IS a character, but Poyo Ride thought it would be better to just have Freddy instead.

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