The Air Ride Group (April 20 2014-December 15, 2014) was a group led by White Kirby. It was the beginning stage of TARS
Air ride

1st Official Logo Of the air ride group

, though in December 2014, White Kirby got his FB account terminated, and the series started to evolve from The Air Ride Group. The Air Ride Group was disbanded, and Comics took the scene, with old members of the group and new characters appearing.

To be in the group, the character needed a Facebook account.

Members Edit

White Kirby-Leader

Mewtwo-Co Leader

Dyna blade

shadow star

Winged Star

blue Kirby

yellow Kirby

red Kirby

2nd logo of the air ride group FT. Poyo Ride's Hand

Green kirby

orange Kirby

Brown Kirby


Sea Bass


all patch

Stadium Prediction


mega man

quick man

Elec Man

Air Man


Freddy Fazbear, Nightmare, and Springtrap got FB's after the disbanding, and are not members of the now disbanded group.

The category for characters on this wiki is called, "Air Ride Group Members." Most characters in there were not in the group, and it is used as a Character category.

On the groups "2nd logo," Purple Kirby, Brown Kirby, and Black Kirby appear, though they were both never in the group, and neither ever had a FB account.

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