6th Grade Comic series

The Spiral that has the comics in them. (Or at least something that looks like it.)

The Comic Spiral, The Red Spiral, the Comic series, or whatever you wanna call it, is a comic series in a red spirial, that has comics from TARS, and GT (and an unfinished Dogs) in it, while also having Bandit, Ashbond, and Blue Link. The spiral showed their misadventures in Ride School.


In the deviantart description for Dogs 11, Poyo Ride explains a bit about the loss of the spiral.

Poyo Ride generally drew comics in this spiral during transistion peroids, after tests, and at the end of the day. On October 21, after finishing a reading test, he felt like reading a few of his comics. I mean, it's still reading :D.

Poyo Ride then had an idea for a new comic. He had not yet made a Dogs comic, and decided he would make his next comic a Dogs Comic, which would eventually be Dogs Comic 11. His teacher eventually caught him while making the 2nd panel, where Bandit is looking for his Sharpie. While he has been caught with the comic and drawing Air Man in his reading spiral before by this teacher, as well as being caught twice by his science teacher, (Who is not Mrs. AMP)  However, this time, that teacher asked him to put the comic series on her desk. Lots of things happened after that. Poyo Ride got in trouble for some of the content in the comics. (An ISS :D)

On November 16, Poyo Ride started to make comics based on the comics in this spiral. He's only made one so far.


Trivia Edit

Some TARS comics showing school things after Comic 93 (Particulary Comic's 95, 96, and 97) would have been in the spiral if Poyo Ride had it.

According to Poyo Ride, despite Kirby and Miss Robot being two of the main school characters, Miss Robot barely had any appearances, and Kirby didn't have any at all. This was due to how this was early in this school year and the school comics were a little different. White Kirby generally appeared as Kirby's replacement, and Miss Robot, in her few appearances, had her old personality where she didn't get hacked all the time. (I think she did get hacked once and tried to kill Mrs. AMP, but that was it.)

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