Shadow Star and his buddies hiding in the electric lounge.

The Electric Lounge is an area located in The City.

Description Edit

It has 4 floors. While these colors are technically incorrect in Kirby Air Ride, the colors of the Electric Lounges Floors in TARS, from top to bottom, are Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Green. On the bottom floor, there are 3 boost pads that take you to floors. 1 takes you to the "yellow" floor, and two take you to the "blue" floor. On the yellow and pink floors, there are boost pads that take you to the next floor. You can go on some boost panels at the edge of each floor (minus the bottom one) that let you fly off the electric lounge. There is also a rail station that lets you go to the City Wharf and the Green Canvas. There is some water you can swim in on the bottom floor. Pieces may spawn here.


In Kirby Air Ride, the official floor colors, from bottom to top, are, green, blue, yellow, and pink.

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