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The Granny Express is a recurring vechicle in the granny torrelli series.
The Granny Express

Granny Express artwork

About Edit

The Granny Express is apparantley The Polar Express. Granny Torrelli hijacked it after the events of the movie and remodeled it to say "The Granny Express." It is a strong train, and Granny Torrelli uses it to run over pardo when he is trying to save Nero from the tracks. There are also passengers in it all the time when the seats are visible, with rosie, bailey, and the real Nero always being in front row seats. Granny Torrellis Friends are also seen.

Other expresses, such as the "Homer Express" appear rarely in comics, and are driven by the person it is named after. The most notable and common example is The Nero Express, which is driven by nero instead of Granny Torrelli, but she always appears in a seat in the nero express.

Trivia Edit

When the nero express is shown, the word granny is crossed out as well as polar, implying Nero took it from Granny Torrelli to kill Pardo.

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