Kanto Starters SMSB
The Kanto Starters are characters in Stop Motion Smash Bros. They are similar to the Pokemon Trainer from SSBB, but all are in their fully evolved forms.


Out of the three, Blastoise is the most defensive. He also is realitivealy strong, but slow. However, he has loads of Projectile Moves.


Standard AttacksEdit

Standard Attack-Blastoise Punches the foe. 5%

Dash Attack-Blastoise spins forward in his shell. 7%

Special MovesEdit

Netural Special-Blastoise shoots out a blast of water. 12%



In the air ride track, Magma Flows, there is some dragon statue after the lava dragons that bears a reseamblance to Charizard. (Circled in Gallery) As a result, it is claimed to be charizard in TARS.

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