The 8 magic rings are a major part of The Lord of the Rings. They are the colors of the 8 kirbys in air ride. They were hidden from Thamall after a battle where he lost his physical form, but uncovered by the characters. They are individulally known as the color of the ring and then ring (Red Ring), but some refer to their index number (The order they are in is the order the 8 kirbys are in on the select screen in Kirby Air Ride from the right) (1st Ring=Pink Ring)

They can grant most wishes. They cannot draw the other rings to you, and you can't swap your ring. You cant use them for battle wishes, because they can make you a better fighter when you wear them, but you can olny use the element that they are assigned to. (For example, the white ring cant use fire)

They also help in battling, they can use magic arts that can be uncovered if you start a battle with them, because a paper will appear telling you what to say. The 8 rings are with the villans, except Blue, which is with the heroes.

Best ones for battle Edit

The ones with more spells do more damage. Here is a list of the most powerful rings.

8.Purple ring

7.Pink Ring

6.Brown Ring

5.Green Ring

4.Red Ring

3.Yellow Ring

2.Blue Ring

1.White Ring

Hiding Spots Edit

Blue-The River

Purple-The Ocean

Yellow-An alley

Red-In a jail cell

Green-On Mewtwos game shelf

Brown-Freddy Fazbears Pizza

Pink-Corrins castle

Elements Edit









People who have the ring before they lose it.Edit


Blue-White Kirby, Red Kirby, and Lucario Sinnoh. Even though they claim the other rings, this is the one they use.

Yellow-Dyna Blade

Red-Dr. Wily


Purple-Blue and Yellow Kirby

Brown-Freddy Fazbear



This contains spoilers for the lord of the rings.

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