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The alternate, changed dimension is a place where poyo rides old ideas are reality

Changes from the air ride series Edit

White Kirby is now a scientist

Brown Kirby is the main hero of the series.

Purple Kirby is more mysterious.

Poyo Ride appears as a blue link, not Throw Kirby

Deoxys is now known as Deoxys Hoenn.


Silver Kirby is now no longer an evil, background character, as that was not how he was planned to be. Instead, he acts more like a normal Kirby.

Green Kirby and purple Kirby from GKAR appear, but Green Kirby is now colored Purple and called purple Kirby and purple Kirby is now colored green and called Green Kirby, based on the vote for Green or purple by GK121098 and poyo ride.

Carbon Kirby is not from time exploiters

Queen Sectonia is from time exploiters

Tengu Man was a character.

Bronze Yellow Kirby wasn't a character

Golden Kirby was a character, not acting like he was in GKAR.

In The mystery of the multicolored stars the ending is changed to mewtwo and the kirbys laughing, as it was a prank

  • Mewtwo is also not a villan

Darkrai complains that Alamos town hates him

Mega Man can swear

Jumping Assbot goes by Big Eye

Mega Man hates all the villans.

Brown Kirby from the air ride series doesn't have a counterpart from the series.

The shadow star gets along with White Kirby and The original Brown Kirby. He wants them to ride him for some reason, but with the other kirbys, he acts normal.

Kirby is much less like his school series counterpart.

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