The Poorly Drawn Four are a group of characters in TARS. They are made up of four members.

This is similar to the group of the same name in GKAR. However, characters have been altered. The fourth member was also changed.

Poorly Drawn Kirby Edit

Poorly dawn kirby

PDK is the leader of the four. He complains about how poorly drawn he is, and wants to make the entire city poorly drawn. He is the oldest member of the group, and was a character with a facebook back in the day.

Poorly dedede

Poorly Drawn Dedede Edit

Poorly Drawn Dedede is obsessed with his choppy hammer, and doesnt care about the plans.

Poorly Drawn Meta Knight Edit

Poorly Drawn Meta Knight is so fat he can barely move.

Poorly Drawn Miss Robot Edit

Poorly Drawn Miss robot gets hacked and ruins the plans.
Poorly drawn miss robo

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