Who will be a hecticWO

This image shows 7 of the eight hectics in TARS X. Lucario Sinnoh will get one soon.

Last Week, TARS X was announced, and an image on deviantart has been updating daily, showing a new hectic each time. Each hectic is based on a character from The Air Ride Series, with the exception of one. White X has to stop the hectics madness in the series.

Other NewsEdit

The Regi Trio have been added as characters. While not being too special, they have their own comic.

Other than that, there is not really much news regarding TARS.

SMSB NewsEdit

DLC Pack 4 is coming, featuring characters like Skull Man and Regice, as well as White X from TARS X. There will be new stages, assist trophies, and bosses.

Newest ComicsEdit

Art GalleryEdit


This month, there isn't much to talk about besides TARS X, so this issue is rather short, but hey, we need an issue each month.

97 Poyo (talk) 22:09, September 28, 2015 (UTC)

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