Shadow Stars Mom
The Shadow Stars Mother is a character in The Air Ride Series.


She always tells the Shadow Star to get off his fancy frisbee and play outside. She will teleport to the Shadow Star whereever he is and tell him that, like in Comic 155, as she was not on the team to stop Nightmare, but shows up in his space station for some reason. 

The Shadow Star's Mother also has little understanding of modern technology, like Dyna Blade's Mother. Unlike Dyna Blade's mom, she does know how to use things such as a TV, Phone, and Computer, in fact, she uses social media like 23 hours a day, however, some things confuse her. She also makes the worst muffins ever, as they are poisonus. Only Kirby likes them, but thats only cuz he gets the Poison ability.

Trivia Edit

The idea came around when Poyo Ride was making the Nightmare article, and had another tab open to the Air Ride Group Members category page to add some of the monsters he created in the series to the article. When he made it to the shadow stars page, he thought about the shadow star, but then thought he'd rather have him have an actual parent, and randomly thought up of the character.

  • She and the Throwaway Character article are the only articles on the wiki to have had their page made by removing info from an article, renaming it, and making it about another thing. In this case, she removed one of several throwaway characters from the wiki, in this case, 14 divided by 137.2 was removed.

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