The CTA school administration decides that the kiddies aren't connected enough. They decide that the school kiddies can text and call friends during passing peroids with school designed phones. Each person in the school has a number that is 3 digits. So anyways Miss Android explains this to the kiddies. When it's the first passing period, Kirby meets up with Miss Robot. Miss Robot says she has everyones number in a phone book. They punch in 069, Nurby's number and proceed to prank call him. They tell him he won 1 Million Dollars. He has to punch in coordinates to reach the place where he can claim his money. Miss Robot tells him to go to Locations on his phone, and type in the coordinates 63, 47, 42, 87. This leads Nurby in the middle of a lava pit.

Meanwhile in class, after getting a call from Miss Robot ordering a dominos pizza, Mrs. AMP has to show kids some cool features. If you type in coordinates, you can teleport to any place on the school campus. It will only teleport you and your phone, no matter how far away you are. Kirby stole Mrs. AMP's phone and types in the coordinates 54, 67, 43, 69. This teleports Mrs. AMP inside the shark tank.

Anyways, a hacker has hacked into the data for the phone network. This reveals private info about the school. Even though Miss Robot already leaked all of it online, this is a big deal, as the skools safety is at risk.

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