The TNT Factory

The TNT Factory in its natural habitat.

The TNT Factory is a location in The Air Ride Series.

About Edit

The TNT Factory is a small, red building located behind the bleachers at the Ride School football field that produces TNT. It was placed there by teacher vote. (Mrs. Handicapped was the only one who voted, but she gets X100000000 votes because of her handicap) You can see it out the window in English Class! Due to being close to the school, if as much as a pencil is thrown out of the window in English, the TNT factory will blow up. One time, it was even launched out of the air and landed on Miss Robot, who was out on a walk (ditching class) outside of the school.

Trivia Edit

The TNT Factory is based on a building in real life. In Poyo Ride's English class, you could see the bleachers of the football field. There was this little red building right behind the bleachers. While Poyo does not yet know what that building is, he joked about it being a TNT factory.

Apparently, the hiding place of the pool that the characters use in detention, is in fact the TNT factory. They have a teleporter on the wall in the detention room, which the teachers think it's a wall decoration. They also have a teleporter in the TNT Factory in a secret room with the pool so the pool gets teleported from the TNT factory to detention.

  • There has been reports of the assembly line in the TNT factory messing up and since the Pool is below the assembly line in its secret room, the pool is blown up.
    • When the students replaced the pool one time, Dyna Blade bought a pool with holes in it.

The TNT Factory has a Magnetic Pull that draws in flying objects so they hit and blow up the TNT factory.

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