The Original 8 Kirbys is a group consisting of the original eight kirbys from Kirby Air Ride and TARS, White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Brown, and Pink Kirby. They are all playable in Kirby Air Ride. These 8 Kirbys are usually the only ones in City Trial, and the most commonly seen Kirbys. They are split into two sides of Good VS Rival. White, Purple, Red, and Green being good, and Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Brown being the Rival side. None of them are actually evil, with the exception of Brown. There is another splitting of the Main 4 Kirbys and the Minor 4 Kirbys, with 2 good and 2 rival kirbys each. Main is White, Blue, Yellow, and Red. Minor is Green, Purple, Brown, and Pink.

Each Kirby has a rival, with the main 4 having two. White has Blue and Green. Red has Yellow and Purple. Yellow has Pink and Red, and Blue has White and Brown.

Two group members were removed from TARS, but are still considered part of this group.

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